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STOCK  Evaluation Sheet  Alpacas International Ltd
Shipment Alpacas of Wessex
Alpaca  type: Huacaya Breeder: Rural Alianza EPS Farm: Nunoa
Date: 18-09-03              
Breeder  tag#: 005   Wessex tag#: 5 Microchip #: 000121D74E
Registration #: Plantel   Colour:   White D.O.B/Age: 6
Gender:   Male                
Sire:   Wiracocha Colour of sire: Solid White   Alpaca type: Huacaya
Dam:   Plantel   Colour of dam: Solid White   Alpaca type: Huacaya
Pregnancy status. NA   Covering sire: NA        
Progeny: 50 Viewed,  All Solid White                
Head:     ok Body:   ok   Eyes:   ok
Mouth:     ok Ears:   ok   Teats:   ok
Front legs:   ok Neck:   ok   Balance: ok
Back legs:   ok Tail:   ok   Proportion: ok
Body score, out of 5: 3.0 Patella:   ok   Bone Weight: Heavy
Height 85cm
Male, testicles:   ok Female, vulva: NA   Scars:   no
Proven:     Yes Number of progeny: Min of 50   Hernia:   no
Fibre (out of 5)
Handle:     4.7 Density:     4.8 Lustre:   4.8
Uniformity of micron: 4.8 Crimp frequency:   Medium Crimp amplification:mplification   High
Lock:  Suri   NA Density of staple or lock: 4.8 Staple/alignment 4.8
Evenness of colour: 5 Lack of medulation:   4.9 Coverage: 5
Fibre analysis                  
AFD SD CV %>30u   Screening points AFD SD %>30u TOTAL  
19.6 4.6 23.6 2.4     15 14 15 44  
Spinning fineness: NA              
Date tested: 29-09-03 Test # 238852

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